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Medigap Plan D

Medigap Plan D is another Medicare Supplement plan that you can purchase to fill in the coverage gaps left over by Original Medicare. It shouldn’t be confused with Medicare Part D, or the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Part D helps to cover the costs of your prescription medications. 

Medigap Plan D is a relatively unpopular Medicare Supplement plan, with only 1% of Medigap enrollees choosing this policy in 2019

How much your Medigap Plan D coverage can cost you depends on a variety of factors, such as where you live, how old you are, your gender, when you enroll, and even the insurance company that you purchase it through. 

Also, premium rates can vary year to year. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you buy your Medicare Supplement Insurance with a company that offers low rate increases.

What does Medigap Plan D cover?

Plan D is a Medigap policy with a decent amount of coverage, and it offers the following benefits: 

  • Part A coinsurance payments for inpatient hospital care up to an additional year after your Medicare benefits have been expended
  • Part B coinsurance and copays
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and Part A Hospice Care coinsurance and copays
  • First three pints of blood for a medical procedure 
  • Part A deductible ($1,556 in 2022)
  • Foreign travel emergency expenses (up to your plan’s limit)
  • Part B preventive care coinsurance 

However, Plan D doesn’t cover your Part B deductible or your Medicare Part B excess charges. Excess charges apply when the amount that a doctor or medical provider is legally allowed to charge is higher than the Medicare-approved amount.

So if you foresee having lots of doctor’s visit-related costs, Plan D might not offer the best coverage for you. However, it is a good plan for those seeking a decent number of benefits, people who don’t want to worry about out-of-pocket hospital expenses, and individuals who will likely do a good amount of foreign travel. 

Plus, Plan D is one of the few Medigap plans offered to Medigap enrollees under the age of 65 in a few states, like California, Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina

If you aren’t sure whether Plan D is right for you, sign up for a free consultation with an experienced insurance agent here at Medicare Plans Direct. We can help you find an insurance company that offers the most reasonable Medigap plan premiums with the lowest rate increases.

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