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Medigap Plan G

Plan G is one of the most popular Medigap policies on the market. It offers some of the most extensive coverage while providing what some consider to be the greatest value. With Plan G, you get almost the same coverage as Plan F, sometimes at a lower monthly premium.  

Historically Plan G has not been as popular as Plan F, with less than a quarter (22%) of all Medigap enrollees choosing Plan G in 2019. In contrast, almost half of all Medigap enrollees (49%) chose Plan F that same year. 

However, given that Plan F has been discontinued for people who became newly eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020, Plan G is becoming more and more popular (overall enrollment in the plan saw a 12% increase between 2016 and 2019).

What does Medigap Plan G cover?

As mentioned, Medigap Plan G covers almost all of the benefits that a Medigap plan can offer: 

  • Part A coinsurance payments for inpatient hospital care up to an additional year after your Medicare benefits have been expended
  • Part B coinsurance and copays
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and Part A Hospice Care coinsurance and copays
  • Part A deductible ($1,556 in 2022)
  • First three pints of blood for a medical procedure 
  • Foreign travel emergency expenses (up to your plan’s limit)
  • Part B preventive care coinsurance 
  • Part B excess charges*

The only thing that Plan G doesn’t cover is your Part B deductible, which has been set at $233 for 2022. This makes it a great alternative for people who were hoping to be able to sign up for Plan F and are unable to do so, as Plan F is only available for people who first became eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020. 

Plus, Plan G is one of the few Medigap plans offered to Medigap enrollees under the age of 65 in a few states, like California, North Carolina, and Michigan

*Excess charges are incurred when a medical provider doesn’t “accept assignment” or, in other words, charges more than the Medicare-approved amount that corresponds to their services. 

High Deductible Plan G

Like Plan F, Plan G also offers a high-deductible version. Enrolling in High Deductible Plan G typically means that you pay a lower monthly premium than you would with regular Plan G.

Just keep in mind its steep deductible, which has been set at $2,490 for 2022. High Deductible Plan G will not cover any of your Medicare expenses until you reach that $2,490 deductible amount.

This plan might be a good option for people who almost never go to the doctor and just want coverage for unforeseen catastrophic situations. Alternatively, a Medicare Advantage plan could offer catastrophic coverage at a lower monthly cost.  

However, it’s always best to get professional advice before choosing a Medicare Supplement plan. Aren’t sure whether Plan G or High Deductible Plan G would be better for you? Or perhaps you just want some guidance when choosing a Medigap plan. Reach out to speak with a licensed insurance agent today.

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